Mad Libs

Mad Libs 3.0.2

Write silly stories with the help of this app


  • Funny results
  • Easy to pick up and use
  • Share stories with friends


  • Only four stories
  • Grammar is sometimes a little strange

If you're the kind of person who enjoys the funny word game 'Consequences' then you'll love Mad Libs.

This fun apps allows you to create funny stories through via a fill-in-the-blanks approach. This sample version of Vacation Mad Libs features four story scenarios: 'Driving in the car', 'Vacations', 'Letter to a friend back home', and 'How to enjoy yourself on the beach'.

Click on the name of a scenario and you'll be asked to enter a series of words or phrases into Mad Libs. It will specify the type of word it needs to be (person's name, noun, adjective, verb, etc.) and you press 'Done' when you're finished to move onto the next word. After you've entered all the words (usually around 20 per scenario) the story will be generated using with the words you entered filled into the blank spaces.

The temptation to pile rude words into each story in Mad Libs was quite overpowering, but if you can resist and choose normal words you'll find the end results just as amusing. Of course, Mad Libs isn't perfect and some of the grammar can be quite odd depending on the words you enter. Luckily there is a 'Hints' option that suggests words that will work well in the context of the story.

Once you're done, you can share your stories via email to give your friends a giggle.

It's appeal is limited given there are only four scenarios, but Mad Libs is great fun for a while.

New title 'cool' is added with this version


  • New title 'cool' is added with this version

Mad Libs


Mad Libs 3.0.2

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